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The Rooms collection aggregates and acknowledges the invidual room model instances to be made available in the magic crosspoint-routing that is the backbone of the Crescendo framework.


The room IDs specified in the Default Rooms parameter of the Rooms collection are exactly the rooms eligible for the dynamic crosspoint-routing magic that the minimalist architecture of Crescendo facilitates among interfaces, sources, and switchers, entirely through room models.


Simply enter the IDs of the room model instances to be globally accessible, delimited by \x (i.e. \x01\x02\x05). The signals themselves can be commented out unless you are building some custom stuff.

Inputs and Outputs

Room Exists 
 StateRoom_01_Exists … Room_99_Exists


Default RoomsOne or more escaped hexadecimal IDs
Must be one or more escaped hexadecimal IDs or an empty string.