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Devices Controller

The Devices Controller module aggregates the state and feedback data from device modules and serves it to the control processor and touchscreen interfaces, acting as the C in MVC.


Device modules are registered with the Devices Controller through its Devices parameter. In this way, the Devices Controller is given access to devices' states and feedback. Its inputs and outputs also dynamically carry all of the devices' visual representation information for rendering on a touchscreen, such as analog joins for icon rendering.


Configure the Device ID parameter. The device ID should use a two-digit, zero-padded number between 1 and 99 (01 or 99).

Configure the Type parameter with the integer that corresponds to the device according to Crestron device-type standards, for example 9 for a security system.

Configure the Devices parameter as one or more escaped ASCII IDs between 01 and 99 (\x01, \x99, or \x01\x99) corresponding to the IDs of the device modules in the program.

Inputs and Outputs

Item_01_Select … Item_48_SelectPulsePulseItem_01_Matches … Item_48_Matches
 AnalogItem_01_Icon_Is … Item_48_Icon_Is
 StringItem_01_Name_Is … Item_48_Name_Is
 StringItem_01_Description_Is … Item_48_Description_Is


Device TypeInteger in [1, 99]
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IDTwo-digit hexadecimal ID
Must be a two-digit hexadecimal number.
DevicesOne or more escaped hexadecimal IDs
Must be one or more escaped hexadecimal IDs or an empty string.