1 March 2016

Adelyte Announces Version 2.0 of Crescendo Framework with Cloud Dashboard

Crescendo Framework 2.0 is the most scalable, efficient, and flexible software framework available for Crestron control systems.

ATLANTA, Georgia — 1 March 2016 — Adelyte Company, a leading Crestron Services Provider, is proud to announce the second major version of its free and open-source software framework. Developed since 2010, Crescendo achieved version 1.0 with its 2014 community release. Version 2.0 demonstrates “The Loft”, a complete working system with a full suite of graphical interfaces. The demo fulfills a field-inspired scope of work that salespeople, project managers, and programmers can relate to.

Many Crestron programmers write good code. The real power of Crescendo Framework is in the open-source community surrounding it. Everyone can download the code, run the demo, edit the modules, and make contributions. Crescendo is bigger than our company alone, and we invite all Crestron programmers—from beginners to masters—to join the community.Wes Hatchett, CEO, Adelyte Company

The Crescendo 2.0 demo ships with Crescendo Cloud, the first and only Cloud dashboard for Crestron control systems. “The Loft” features an interactive floor plan of the residence described in the scope of work. In addition, the dashboard provides a wealth of information about processor runtime statistics including a text console for debugging. In less than ten minutes, the service can be added to any 2-Series or 3-Series Crestron processor.

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