Flat-rate Proposals

Proposals with à la carte pricing are available upon request.

Projects less than $5,000 must be prepaid in full.
Projects more than $5,000 must pay a deposit of 60% or $5,000, whichever is greater.
Substantial Completion
The balance of the project is billed at substantial completion.
A 10% holdback is permissible for projects more than $20,000.
Trade Credit
Invoices are due upon receipt with a 10-day grace period.
Net 30 payment terms are available for a 5% surcharge.

Hourly Support

On-site and off-site hourly support is available to everyone.

  • Hourly
  • $150
    per hour
  • One rate for on-site and off-site support
  • Net 10 credit terms
Billing Increments
Time is billed in 6-minute increments.
Off Hours
Work outside of normal business hours is billed at time-and-a-half.
Travel Time
On-site support is based on door-to-door time.
Short Notice
Support scheduled less than one week in advance incurs a one-hour surcharge.
On-site support scheduled less than 24-hours in advance incurs a $500 surcharge.
Snail Mail
Each invoice delivered via mail incurs a $25 surcharge.

Prepaid Support

Prepaid allowances of hours are available at a significant discount.

  • Prepaid 20
  • $135
    per hour
  • 10% discount
  • Prepaid with no expiration
  • $2,700
  • Prepaid 50
  • $120
    per hour
  • 20% discount
  • Prepaid with no expiration
  • $6,000
  • Prepaid 100
  • $105
    per hour
  • 30% discount
  • Prepaid with no expiration
  • $10,500

Legacy Code

Software written by other programmers can be supported subject to a surcharge.

  • Legacy Surcharge
  • $2,000
  • Prepaid and nonrefundable
  • Includes no services
  • Once per project
Legacy code is existing code written by other programmers.
Support of legacy code provides no business value beyond current income. The surcharge recoups the opportunity cost of this support.
Any serviceable system can be reprogrammed. For small systems, this will be less expensive than the surcharge.


On-site support is available worldwide with transparent at-cost pricing.

Meals & IncidentalGSA or DoD per diem rate
LodgingActual expenses
MileageIRS mileage rate
AirfareActual expenses
Car RentalActual expenses
Other TransitActual expenses
SafetyActual expenses
Lodging of one week or less is taken in a nearby mid-scale, limited-service hotel (preferably Hilton Garden Inn). Lodging more than one week is taken in a nearby extended-stay hotel (preferably Homewood Suites).
Domestic air travel is provided by full-service airlines in business class with itineraries based on and in order of: nonstop routes, client's preferred arrival time, lowest cost at booking, and traveler's preferred airline.
Clients are responsible for change and cancellation fees, but clients may request refundable fares instead.
Airfare will not exceed the cost from our headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia without prior written consent.
Safety expenses apply to international travel and may include health and evacuation insurance and kidnapping, ransom, and extortion insurance.

Payment Methods

Invoices are payable via check, credit card, and debit card.


As an integrator, I need margin on your services. Will you provide me with a discount so I can make a profit?
We offer the same discounts for prepaid allowances to integrators and end-users. As an integrator, you are much more likely to be able to use a large allowance than an end-user. There is a lot of margin in our Prepaid 100 allowance.
How do you handle past-due invoices?
We do not release the source code until the project balance is paid.
Have you ever taken legal action against an integrator or end-user?
During our ten years in business, we have never sued a client, nor have we been sued by a client.